Nov 132014

I still get nervous about this toy. It’s not big or intimidating at all, it’s the first anal toy I ever bought for just that reason. This toy makes me nervous because, although being marketed as a plug, it should very much not be used as a plug. The ring that is supposed to be the base, y’know, the flared base that stops it from slipping up your ass? Well, it’s flexible. And turns out, whilst in the throes of awesome Skype sex with a buttplug in your booty and fucking yourself vigorously with a dildo, there’s a very real risk of it getting… Misplaced.

This toy should only be used when you’re with a partner. A partner who has their finger through the ring. Or if you plan to keep your finger through it constantly. I mean, it says it right in the name. One-Finger. One finger through the ring at all times. Trust me. Don’t remove the finger. Don’t remove the finger and be cajoled into believing your ass won’t suck that thing up the first chance it gets. Because it will. Trust me on this.

pipedream one finger anal plug

It was probably the second time that I used this plug. I was still new to anal play but learnt very quickly I really very much like things in my butt. I knew that flared bases were important, but I thought the ring would be enough. I didn’t understand the true force of my arsehole to absorb things. The flexible ring was no match for my ass. As I said, I was on Skype, fucking myself. I felt the ring pinching a little bit. At that time, I didn’t realize the pinching was from the ring pulling weird on my butthole, I just thought the plug was a little uncomfortable. I continued, paying no attention to it and, soon enough, the pinching went away. We finished jacking off and I went to shower. I like to shower after anal play in case of poop when the plug is removed. I got in the shower, high on post-orgasm goodness. I went to pull the plug out. Continue reading »

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Oct 272014

Finally a Wicked Wednesday I can write a post about! It’s pretty fitting that this is my first Wicked Wednesday too. It’s not even Wednesday yet, but I don’t care, I wanna post it now.

My first time wasn’t actually that long ago. My first real, proper, sexual experience. It happened on the… 25th or 26th of February this year. A few days after my 18th birthday. I’d had some experience sexually, with a female friend. She had a crush on me and Truth or Dare during sleepovers would usually end in lots of making out and me rubbing her through her underwear. I’d never had anything done to me though. I didn’t really mind, sex was never something I really cared about. I actually found it incredibly annoying when my friends would talk about it. Now look at me, I have a sex blog where I talk about sex and sex stuff.


I had met a guy online and we hit it off really well. We’d been following each other on Tumblr for years, but it wasn’t until 2013 we really started talking. In October we became an official couple, and started planning and saving for me to go see him. I’m in Australia, he’s in the Netherlands. I’m usually extremely uncomfortable around guys, and as much as I wanted to bone the ever loving shit out of him, there was the chance that I would get there and spend the two weeks awkward and uncomfortable. Thankfully, we got along in person just as well as we did online. Skype and photos do not do him justice, he’s hot over the net but he’s even better looking in person. Light brown hair with ginger tones, green eyes, amazing face shape, wonderful eyebrows, big dorky smile and a plush lower lip that begs to be bitten. He’s tall and lanky with enough muscle tone to prevent him looking too thin. He smells great always and he has cute patchy facial hair that I love.

I’d only been there for 10-ish hours before we had sex. We’d been in his room making out for quite literally hours. I had beard burn on my face from kissing him so hard and so much, but I didn’t care. I’d been waiting months to be with him and kiss him, I wasn’t going to stop because of some beard burn. His neck was covered in hickies. I am ridiculously easy to get turned on, and so hours of making out was killing me. I eventually started pushing myself into him while we were kissing before getting on top of him. Feeling a hard cock through jeans, rubbing my crotch against the bulge is fucking magical. He was teasing me, “what’re you doooing?” knowing perfectly well what I was doing, what I was wanting, and he was right there with me. It wasn’t long before we had our pants off. Continue reading »

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