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24th November, 2014

IMG_4720I’ve had my mirena in since the 25th of September this year. About 8 weeks.

I don’t have many initial side effects. No nausea, mood changes or anything weird. As expected my bleeding patterns are irregular, which is completely normal for the first 3-6 months. I’ve been getting my period about every two weeks. Just normal average periods, nothing stands out enough for me to remember.

The main change is in my vaginal mucous and discharge. Since my previous Vagina Diaries, my discharge has continued to be not-my-normal. It’s been thicker, there’s more, it’s creamy coloured. I’m used to it being pretty much non-existent. Sometimes it gets a slightly brown tint, I suspect it’s just from blood that has been clinging on mixing with the mucous. There hasn’t been any smell, so I don’t think it’s an infection of any sort, my body is just¬†adjusting and finding its new normal with the mirena. Continue reading »

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Oct 032014

I always feel really gross when I’m on my period. I don’t believe it has anything to do with societal views of menstruation being unspeakable. I just feel gross. Feeling the blood and having to wear ~feminine hygiene products, I just don’t like it. Throw in cramps, neck pain, headaches, period-paranoia, it’s not fun.

I’ll gladly talk about my period in super deep detail, I don’t care. One time I masturbated and squirted and I had squirt mixed with blood dripping down my arm. So I sent my boyfriend a picture because I thought it was entertaining.

I think menstruation photos are super cool and with the current state of my vag I think I might make one myself.

I still don’t like it though. Makes me feel unclean. Especially when I sneeze or cough.

I don't do comics but I spent hours reading DAR! and wishing I could so uh..

I don’t do comics but I spent hours reading DAR! and wishing I could so uh…

I recently changed my birth control method. I was on the pill (Levlen) but it wasn’t working very well for me. I gained 30kgs, which I know is partially my fault because I do overeat, but I also don’t think it’s a coincidence. I had maintained my weight, with the same eating habits, for over a year before I went on the pill. Every time I tried to get into an exercise regime to remedy this, I’d get into it, then get my period, and fall out of the habit again. I’d exercise while bleeding but I don’t trust tampons on their own and sweaty pads are the literal worst. I wore a pad while exercising once and ended up with chaffing on my bits and it was horrendous. Whenever I tried to skip my period, I would still get it, albeit a week later, but it would still come. I’d been on the pill since the start of December 2013. So about 9 months, and I still couldn’t skip my period successfully.

I went to my GP after March to try to change the pill I was on, hoping a different one would be better for me because Levlen obviously was not working correctly with my body; my GP refused. Continue reading »

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