Apr 022015


Despite receiving toys for review, I still spend a ridiculous amount of money on toys. There’s toys I want that I doubt I’ll ever get the opportunity to receive for review, so I buy them. The downside is I don’t get as many chances to share them with the world.

This is my small Halfling from Exotic Erotics. It’s in medium firmness, and the colour “Duo Green-Purple”. It’s a hefty beast, it’s slightly bigger in girth than a Bad Dragon small Flint, and shorter.

I love the sculpt. The shape is so pleasing. It’s simple, but it’s things like the uneven balls, the curve on the belly, the delicate, stylized scrotal raphe that strings between the shaft and balls, and the etched in hairs, that make me adore this toy. Continue reading »

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Feb 032015


Yesterday I corrupted my mums plants with sex toys. I don’t think I’ll get a chance o review the Comet Wand anytime soon, but I like this picture so here it is!

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